Sara Ugolini

Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Faculty
  • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Department of Mathematics

What I do

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Denver.


mathematical logic, universal algebra

Professional Biography

I am a researcher in mathematical logic. I come from Italy, where I graduated in mathematics at the University of Siena, and I obtained my PhD at the University of Pisa. My research interests include algebraic logic, fuzzy logic, and approximate reasoning.


  • Ph.D., Mathematical Logic, University of Pisa, 2018
  • MS, Mathematics, University of Siena, 2013
  • BS, Mathematics, University of Siena, 2011


My research mostly deals with the study of the algebraic semantics of substructural logics, with a particular focus on t-norm based fuzzy logics. I am also studying the logico-algebraic foundations for the probability theory of many-valued events.

Featured Publications

Montagna, F., & Ugolini, S. (2015). A Categorical Equivalence for Product Algebras, 103(2), 345-373.
Aguzzoli, S., Flaminio, T., & Ugolini, S. (2017). Equivalences between subcategories of MTL-algebras via Boolean algebras and prelinear semihoops, 27(8), 2525-2549.
Flaminio, T., Godo, L., & Ugolini, S. (2018). Towards a probability theory for product logic: States, integral representation and reasoning, 93, 199-218.
Busaniche, M., Marcos, M., & Ugolini, S. (2018). Representation by triples of algebras with an MV-retract. Retrieved from


  • A uniform way to build symmetric DL-algebras
  • Hyperstates on involutive bipartite MTL-algebras: a preliminary investigation
  • On some varieties generated by generalized rotations of residuated lattices
  • States of free product algebras
  • Splittings in MTL