Andrew Linshaw

Associate Professor

  • Faculty
  • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Department of Mathematics

What I do

I teach mathematics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, supervise Ph.D. students, and conduct research in representation theory and related areas. My work has applications to mathematical physics, and I collaborate regularly with both mathematicians and physicists.

Professional Biography

I received my Ph.D in Mathematics from Brandeis University in 2005 under the supervision of Bong H. Lian. After postdoctoral positions at National University of Singapore, University of California San Diego, and TU Darmstadt, I joined DU in the fall of 2013. Outside of mathematics, I have a long-standing interest in the visual arts, and have begun teaching a first-year seminar on Mathematics and Art.


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Brandeis University, 2005


Representation theory, invariant theory, vertex algebras and infinite-dimensional Lie algebras

Key Projects

  • Vertex Algebras, Invariant Theory, and Commutative Algebra


  • Vertex Algebras over Commutative Rings and W_{\infty}-Algebras
  • On W_{\infty}-Algebras
  • Coincidences among W-algebras
  • Orbifold and Cosets of W-algebras
  • T-Duality and the Chiral de Rham Complex


  • Research, Scholarship and Creative Work Faculty Recognition Dinner, University of Denver
  • Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work Faculty Recognition Dinner, University of Denver